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The Basics of Effective Tree Pruning in Hanahan, SC, 29410

Everything You Need to Know about Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is a task many homeowners believe they can handle themselves. While it seems simple enough to cut a few branches, you should also know when and how exactly to prune your trees. In this article, you will see important information:

The reasons to undertake such a job are obvious. People trim their trees for aesthetic, safety, and health reasons. Dead, broken, or infected tree limbs may pose a risk to your safety. If they are heavy, they may fall onto a person or vehicle causing injuries and damage. A professional arborist knows which branches to remove to leave your trees well-shaped and beautiful.

Do you know when you should prune them? There is winter pruning that is actually the most common practice. The result from such a task is vigorous new growth in the spring. However, pruning should be done after the coldest part of the winter is gone. Summer trimming is considered when you want to slow down the branches you don’t want growing. There is also fall pruning aiming to stop fungi spores spreading all over your trees, as well as healing the open wounds from tree limbs removal.

How to perform efficient tree pruning? Every arborist will tell you that the first thing you should do is to buy high-quality garden scissors. As a rule of thumb, if a branch is less than five centimeters in diameter, removing it is fine. If it is thicker, cutting it is not recommended. You should also remove only the limbs that are weak and have narrow V-shaped angles. You should leave the strong U-shaped ones. Plus, you have to cut any branches that cross and rub because they may damage the tree bark leaving it prone to bacterial infections. When doing all this, watch out for symmetry in order for your trees to look beautiful and well-shaped.


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